2022.08.07 - The tenth Olympia Brew Fest was a great time! Thank you to everyone who attended and made it possible. Check out pictures from the festival in our GALLERY or click the picture to the right.
2022.08.05 - Advance ticket sales have ended for 2022. Make sure to bring your I.D. to the festival, fun will be provided.
2022.08.05 - Inquiries regarding help with ticket printing must be received by 3:30pm today.
2022.08.05 - Just a few hours left to buy advance tickets online! Get them by 1pm today or pay more tomorrow and wait in line...ugh.
2022.08.05 - As the South Sound's most cutting-edge brew fest, our tasting cups this year are COMPOSTABLE! Take that, people who hate the planet.
2022.08.03 - Advance ticket sales end at 1pm this Friday (Aug. 5)! Save money, get them early and before they sell out!
2022.07.30 - One week to go! Have you bought tickets yet to the original, best-loved, best-value brew fest in the South Sound?
2022.06.14 - Tickets are now on sale. Special Deal! Buy 8 tickets, get 2 "free".
2022.04.09 - Start counting down the days! The 2022 Oly Brew Fest is August 6th.
2021.08.05 - Advance ticket sales have ended for 2021. They are still available at the gate. Inquiries regarding help with ticket printing must be received by 3pm Friday.
2021.08.04 - Less than 100 advance tickets are left. Better buy soon!
2021.08.03 - Tickets are going fast. We have reduced capacity this year, so make sure to buys yours soon, or now, whichever.
2021.06.21 - Tickets are now on sale. Use the big "Tickets" button at the top of the page to buy them!
2021.06.20 - The Olympia Brew Fest will follow Washington state guidelines regarding mask use and social distancing. Please check them out for August 7th.
2021.06.09 - The date for the 2021 Olympia Brew Fest is August 7th.
2020.07.12 - The 2020 Olympia Brew Fest is cancelled this year due to pandemic restrictions.
2019.08.04 - A huge "thank you" to everyone who made the 2019 Olympia Brew Fest a great success and a fun time!
2019.08.03 - Make sure to bring your I.D. to the brew fest. Few things are more embarrassing than getting turned away at the gate.
2019.08.02 - Inquiries regarding help with ticket printing must be received by 3pm today.
2019.07.29 - Less than a week to go! Hope you have tickets, sales will end at 1pm on Aug. 2nd.
2019.06.22 - The group discount is back this year: buy 8 tickets get 2 "free". Offer ends July 4th.
2019.06.06 - Tickets? They are on sale now!
2019.01.12 - The date of the 2019 brew fest is August 3!
2018.08.07 - Video of our fantastic musical acts is available HERE.
2018.08.06 - Video highlights from our Hula Hoop contest are available HERE.
2018.08.05 - Thank you to everyone who made the 7th Olympia Brew Fest a great success and a really fun day! Images from the brew fest are available in the gallery.
2018.08.03 - Advance ticket sales have ended for 2018. They are still available at the gate. See you tomorrow!
2018.08.03 - Advance ticket sales end at noon today (eek!). Inquiries regarding help with ticket printing must be received by 3pm today (double eek!)
2018.07.30 - Advance ticket sales end Friday, August 3 at noon. Buy accordingly.
2018.07.05 - 10 days left to take advantage of the group discount when you buy tickets. All the cool people are doing it.
2018.06.05 - We continue to accept Bitcoin and Monero for ticket purchases. Please use the contact form to order with cryptocurrency.
2018.05.29 - New this year! Group Discount! Buy 8 tickets, get 2 "free".
2018.05.22 - The big "Tickets" button is there. That means tickets are now on sale for the 2018 brew fest!
2017.08.06 - Thank you to everyone who participated in another great brew fest!
2017.08.04 - Advance ticket sales have ended for 2017. Tickets are available at the gate. We look forward to seeing you there!
2017.08.04 - Any inquiries regarding help with ticket printing must be received by 4pm today.
2017.08.03 - Advance ticket sales end at noon on Friday Aug. 4th unless they sell out before! Tickets cost $5 more at the door (if there are any left by then).
2017.08.02 - Additional drink tickets can be purchased at the festival. $8 gets you 6 more 5.5oz tastes
2017.07.27 - The brew fest is getting dangerously close. Tickets are selling like cold beer on a hot day. Hope you get yours before we run out!
2017.06.27 - The bands have been announced for this year's festival. Find them on our About page and hear song samples.
2017.06.27 - Also new this year! We now accept monero as well as bitcoin for advance ticket purchases. (Please use the contact page for monero purchases.)
2017.06.16 - New this year! The first 50 tickets sold will be half-price! Yikes! Probably better wait to buy them. Saving money is probably not your thing...
2017.06.01 - If only there was some way to get in free to the brewfest...like volunteering! Sign-up to be a volunteer HERE
2017.01.25 - The date for the 2017 Olympia Brewfest is Saturday, August 5th.
2016.08.08 - Video highlights from our Hula Hoop contests are available HERE.
2016.08.07 - Photos from the brewfest are available in the gallery.
2016.08.06 - For 5 years a group of amazing volunteers, brewers and drinkers have come together at the Port Plaza. Thank you to everyone for another great brew fest!
2016.08.05 - Any inquiries regarding help with ticket printing must be received by 4pm today.
2016.08.04 - Advance ticket sales end today! Ack! Buy now, avoid the lines and the extra cost ($5 more for general admission at the event).
2016.07.31 - The countdown has begun. Six days to the brewfest. Advance ticket sales end August 4th at 4PM. Will you be there?
2016.06.26 - The day you have been waiting for all year is here! Brewfest tickets are now on sale. Get them before they sell out. Also, they cost $5 more at the door.
2016.04.27 - The Olympia Brewfest is looking out for you by getting visitors a 15% discount at the Governor Hotel. Use the discount code: OLY289 or click HERE.
2016.03.07 - Blink and you might have missed it. 5 breweries are already on board for the 2016 brewfest!
2015.08.01 - Images from the brewfest are available in the gallery.
2015.08.01 - Once again, thank you to all the volunteers, the brewers, the attendees, the bands, the vendors and the sponsors and, of course, the sun. (Although the sun could dial it back a little next year).
2015.07.31 - Remember to bring your I.D. along with your brewfest ticket. If you have more questions about what is allowed and what is not, consult our About page.
2015.07.31 - Just 24 hours to go until the 4th Olympia Brew Fest. Advance ticket sales have ended. If anyone has trouble printing their tickets, please contact us by 5pm today.
2015.07.15 - Just a reminder that advance ticket sales will end 48hrs before the day of the festival. That means the last time to buy tickets online is Thursday July 30 - 1pm.
2015.07.04 - To celebrate America's independence, the new Oly Brewfest promo video has been posted. Watch it HERE to learn what goes on behind the scenes.
2015.06.04 - The volunteer sign-up link is now located at the top of the page. Sign-up soon before the shifts fill up!
2015.05.09 - Sign-up for brew fest volunteers will begin June 1.
2015.05.01 - Tickets are now on sale. Use the big "Tickets" button at the top of the page to buy them! We are accepting bitcoin this year for admission ticket purchases, but tickets are still just $25.
2015.04.13 - The first breweries will be announced soon...
2015.03.30 - The bands for the 2015 Olympia Brewfest have been announced! Listen to samples HERE
2015.03.25 - The date for the 2015 Olympia Brewfest will be Saturday, August 1. Check back here to see when tickets go on sale.
2014.08.03 - Pictures from the 2014 Olympia Brew Fest are available in the gallery.
2014.08.02 - Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's brew fest a success. A special "thank you" to the volunteers (they are not just in it for the free t-shirts). Thank you to the brewers, the vendors, the bands, the sponsors, the attendees, my manager, the academy...um the director...the sea lion with the beer helmet...
2014.08.02 - Happy Brew Fest Day! If you missed the advance ticket sale, you can still buy tickets at the door for $30. Designated driver tickets are still just $5. Please remember to bring your I.D. for this 21 and over event.
2014.08.01 - We stop selling online tickets at 3pm today! Please remember to print off your admission tickets, the scanner will not work off a smartphone screen (we tried it). If anyone has questions or needs assistance with their tickets, please use our contact page before 5pm.
2014.07.31 - The $25 (online) admission price includes 6 - 5.5oz "tastes", a commemorative mug, a program and 3 live bands' worth of music. Additional drink tickets are available for $8 at the festival and include 6 more tastes.
2014.07.30 - Only a few days left until the 3rd Olympia Brew Fest. Hopefully everyone who wants to save $5 and not wait in line will buy their tickets.
2014.07.25 - The Olympia Brew Fest video promo has hit theaters in Lacey and Lakewood. If you already spent your hard-earned cash on Brew Fest tickets, you can watch it right here.
2014.07.19 - Abby's Cookies and Cupcakes is going to make their brew fest debut. There is already suspicion that it will be delicious.
2014.07.17 - Military servicepeople get a $5 discount when buying tickets at the door when they show their military ID.
2014.07.15 - Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits from San Diego, CA and Schooner Exact Brewing Company from Seattle, WA are rounding out the list of participants. Hopefully Ballast Point has lots of ice for the long drive!
2014.07.10 - Hi-Fi Brewing from Redmond, WA and Sound Brewery from Poulsbo, WA will be returning to the brew fest.
2014.07.05 - Representing Olympia, WA 3 Magnets Brewing Co. is joining the party.
2014.06.28 - Tickets are now on sale. Use the big "Tickets" button at the top of the page to buy them!
2014.06.19 - Please welcome Diamond Knot from Mukilteo and Bellingham's Wander Brewing Co..
2014.06.05 - Lacey's Kastellan Brauerei and Olympia's Fish Brewing Co. will be making the long drive to Olympia.
2014.05.31 - Brew fest tickets will go on sale soon right here on the Olympia Brew Fest website. They are $25 when you buy them in advance, $30 at the door. The price includes six 5.5oz tastes, a cute little mug and the opportunity to enjoy 3 bands with a thousand new friends.
2014.05.27 - Everybody pay attention, because Everybody's Brewing is coming. Everybody got that?
2014.05.20 - Another one for the cider fans, Olympia's own Whitewood Cider Co.!
2014.05.10 - 3 more breweries are coming to party: Brickyard Brewing, Double Mountain Brewery and Big Al Brewing
2014.05.06 - Please welcome our first ever cider maker, Tieton Cider Works, to the brew fest
2014.04.26 - Reuben's Brews from Seattle and Canada's two-time brewer of the year from Surrey BC, Central City Brewing are going to be at this year's brew fest!
2014.04.23 - From Oregon, we have Buoy Beer Co. and Mazama Brewing Co. and from Ellensburg, WA Iron Horse Brewery.
2014.04.02 - It is getting crowded in here because 7 Seas Brewing, Bellevue Brewing Co. and Silver City Brewery are all coming.
2014.03.22 - Coming all the way from Astoria, OR Fort George Brewery!
2014.03.21 - The brand new Top Rung Brewing Co. and brewfest veteran Dick's Brewing Co. will be in attendance.
2014.03.20 - Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. and Chuckanut Brewery will be coming.
2014.03.13 - Who else is coming to the party? M. T. Head Brewing Co.. Plus a bunch of other people...
2014.03.12 - Der Blokken says "yes" to the 2014 Olympia Brew Fest.
2014.03.09 - We would like to welcome Orlison Brewing Co. to the 2014 brew fest.
2014.03.07 - Narrows Brewing Co. will also be taking part in the 2014 brew fest.
2014.03.02 - Backwoods Brewing Co. will be taking part in the 2014 brew fest.
2014.03.01 - We have begun compiling our list of breweries and sending out invitations.
2014.01.15 - The date for the 2014 brew fest is Saturday, August 2nd
2013.08.29 - Pictures from the festival are available in the gallery.
2013.08.27 - Thank you to everyone who attended the 2013 Olympia Brew Fest, and a special "thank you" to the volunteers who dispensed a metaphorical river of beer into waiting gullets.

1pm-8pm Saturday Aug. 6, 2022
30+ Breweries
Live Music
Food Vendors
$30 Advance Tickets
$35 At The Door


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